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"You want quiet, you better take the next train."

Welcome to Version 1.0 of Roses Have Thorns, a character fansite for Lightning, the main protagonist of the multi-platform video game, Final Fantasy XIII (13)!

She almost seems definitively cool. Nice aesthetic design? Check. Jerk with heart of gold attitude? Check. Powerful and versatile fighting abilities? Check. The problem with this is that she has also been deemed prosaic, one-dimensional, and alienating. She's not. She doesn't have the crazy past or secret identity to make her blantantly unique, her personality is revealed with subtlety. There's more to her than the melodrama that we see in cutscenes. Maybe if we take a closer look at this femme fatale, we can shine some light on aspects of her character.

Here you'll find all the basic character information I could think of, a bunch of my personal musings, shiny graphics, and geeky website babble. Be warned, there are unmarked story SPOILERS EVERYWHERE!!! If you think a page is going to give away the game's plot, it probably is. Use your best judgment if you don't want to know. Navigation is to your left. :)

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