"This solitary young woman speaks little of herself - even her true name is a mystery."

Basic Profile

Assumed Name: Lightning
Last Name: Farron
Age: 21
Height: 5 ft 7 in / 171cm
Occupation: Guardian Corps Sergeant
Family: Serah Farron (sister), parents deceased
Hometown: Bodhum, Cocoon
Weapon: Gunblade
L'Cie Tattoo Location: Middle of the Chest
Crystal Color/Shape: Pink / Rose
Special Ability: Army of One (English), Scene Drive (Japanese)


When we first meet Lightning, she is harsh and aloof, giving off a cold attitude to both players and other characters. It is clear that she is a skilled soldier dedicated to her mission. In the next few chapters, she warms up to both other characters and to the game players.

As the main provider for her family - consisting of her and her little sister - growing up, Lightning matured very quickly. It's hard to believe that she's only 21 years old during the events of the game. She has a successful, accomplished career due to her hard work. She is very protective of her younger sister, Serah. In fact, saving Serah is the reason Lightning sets off into the events of the game storyline. Her selective maternal instincts manifest in her relationship with another character, Hope, as well.

In terms of her basic personality, she is quite serious, resolute, and introspective. She's very goal-oriented, implying that her philosophy in life is to concentrate on what's most important to her at the time, shutting out everything else. When she lets her guard down, we actually see that she often reflects upon her past and current life quite often. She displays a definite vulnerability, but does not let her insecurities and fears distract from her focus.