Affiliate Fansites

"I'm fighting this Focus to the end. We all are. So please... fight with us."

  Serah of Final Fantasy XIII

Another FFXIII shrine makes its way onto the web! This is my literal sister site - a shrine to Lightning's little sister, Serah, brought to you by Anna, who is undoubtably the biggest FFXIII fan I know. She provides a clear cut introduction to FFXIII for newcomers, despite the game's complicated world, and brings up topics that FFXIII players might not have even considered. Looking for information supplemented by Japanese merchandise that never got translated? It's there. Want screencap galleries that are big on quantity and quality? That's there too. Go visit the cutest girl in the game~

  Oerba Yun Fang of Final Fantasy XIII

Michelle shares the same cognitive dissonance I have regarding FFXIII. It's not a great as the games of the past, the plot is a bit cliche, some of the characters can be annoying, WHERE MY TOWNZ AT?!, etc. At the same, everything's undeniably gorgeous (possibly the most beautiful game yet), the innovative battle system is fun, and some of the characters are great - like Lightning and Fang. Somehow, Michelle managed to pack storyline, characters, and gameplay into a single page. It's a quick and concise, yet throughly informative, read every Fang fan should visit.

  Garnet Til Alexandros XVII of Final Fantasy IX

It's no wonder why I've affiliated with Janice's websites when ever I could - she creates uber-fantastic shrines! Despite having a lot of fun with FFIX, Garnet's character wasn't fleshed out enough for me. If you've felt similarly, this site will help you understand Garnet a lot better. Janice guides you through Garnet's chronological journey in two sections, one for her external trials and one for her internal transformation. Aside from that, there's also media, articles, and an approved fanlisting. Visit Lilac to remind yourself why Garnet and FFIX were so good.

  Rydia of Mist of Final Fantasy IV

Partnering a heroine from the new generation of Final Fantasy with a heroine from the old school generation of Final Fantasy? I love the contrast, and that's what happening here with this affiliation to Rydia, the classic summoner with a grand influence. Sofia's delivers her best shrine yet with this tribute. It's organized like a novel - with a few overview sections in the beginning, followed by a chronological analysis of Rydia's life. My personal favorite section is Epilogue, where Rydia's legacy through subsequent characters in the FF series is explored.

  Tidus of Final Fantasy

Tidus was a really remarkable character. He was not stoic and misunderstood; he was loud, earnest, and entirely human. He was the ideal conduit to introduce the players to Spira, with his uninhibited outsider perspective on Spira's customs. Tidus won me over when he proclaimed his shameless, idealistic desire to have everything - and he made it happen. Todd's Tidus shrine is to him what this Lightning shrine is to me, our most popular shrines and the result of a lot of hard work. Check out this well-known, personal tribute.

Lament Story by Jinny @ Royal-Hours.Net (Ashe; FFXII)