"I think Cocoon was really built for them. The rest of us, we're just leeches. Parasites. "

The following places have made this fansite possible.


All characters and elements of Final Fantasy XIII are © Square Enix Holdings. All rights reserved and no infringment intended. I am not affiliated with Square Enix in any way. This is an unofficial fansite, made for fans by a fan.

Basic Resources

This fansite is hosted on the fabulous Dreamhost company. They have excellent longevity, uptime, and fast support. I fully recommend them. Thanks to JASC for making Paint Shop Pro 7, my beloved yet outdated image editing program of choice. Thanks to SourceForge for making Notepad++, where I type up all my coding. My galleries depend on the genius java script, Lightbox 2!

Most information is developed from my memory of playing the video game, the in-game datalog, as well as the Final Fantasy XIII Official Complete Guide (limited edition!) for clarifying parts of the storyline. Other useful information sources include the Final Fantasy Wiki, IGN, Kotaku News, 1up.Com, and the GameFAQs message boards.

Graphic Resources

Official images come from Creative Uncut, the Square website, and 1up.Com's FFXIII Cover Story. Screenshots were captured by me. Icons were made by me. Most fan artwork and cosplay photos were found at, and link to, the Deviantart Community.

Brushes, textures, and tutorials used come from places such as Absolute Trouble, Aqua Cure, Cloaks, CrazyKira-Resources, iSoylent, Magitek.Nu, and Reminiscent Designs.

Other useful design resources include the Hex Color Code Generator, the Degreave Color Palette Generator, Color Hunter.Com, and COLOURlovers.