Layout Design

"Off to hell we go."

This is where I discuss my website layout design. It's a bit odd, since I don't care about layouts that much - though this is a defense mechanism due to the fact that I never feel satisfied with my designs. But I tried the best I could, so here's some info on it.

Current Version

You are looking at Version 1.0, the debut design. I dislike it a little because I felt I did not do the wonderful images and textures justice. Additionally, I was aiming for a black, white, silver, gold, and pink color palette. Somehow, I ended up with a dark, autumn color scheme. It makes no sense!

Regardless, after two days of making and scrapping layouts, I got tired and finally convinced myself to stick to this one. Perfection doesn't exist, and many web designers are unreasonably harsh on themselves. Plus, I just wanted to get to the good stuff - content!

This design was made in Paint Shop Pro 7, and entirely coded in Notepad++. It is coded to use divs and css. The images used in the header are official art from Square and the character concept art by Nomura. They can both be found in the site gallery. The textures & brushes are from Cloaks and CrazyKira. It is optimized for viewing in Firefox 3.5+. It may look wonky in other browsers.

Layout Archive

In the future, this section will hold screenshots of all the different looks this website will show.