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You've reached All Creation, a tribute to Yuffie Kisaragi of the video game Final Fantasy VII (and all its relevant spin-offs). You can navigate using the links above.

This fansite was adopted in 2003. You are looking at Version 4, at our new location: http:/ Much gratitude goes out to the ever lovely Daynah, owner of DaintyRose.Net, for hosting All Creation for at least five years, even when I was inactive. Her efforts allowed me to salvage the site and revive it at its new permanent home today.

All Creation was fittingly written by two immature teenagers, about an even more immature teenager. Its intentions are as simple now as they were then - rave about how cool Yuffie is, post pictures of Yuffie, and direct you to other great Final Fantasy fansites. Despite being a fan of personality analysis, with this crazy ninja, I'm keeping it as simple and straight-forward as Yuffie.

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