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 ☆ affiliation

All the following sites are high recommended not only for the quality sites that are monuments in FF7 fandom, but also for the amazingly kind, creative, and loyal owners working on them. You must visit.

  Shinobi Descendant
Yuffie shrine, by Ru. The persevering Yuffie supersite. Shinobi Descendant has been around for ages. Thank goodness Ru has never torn it down. Like myself, she wrote her shrine as an ode to a ficitional character during her crazy high school adolescence. Unlike me, she's really really really good at writing. It's probably because she's just damn funny, and her humor shines through.

  Abandoned Hope
Vincent shrine, by Gabriella. The layout alone is a retro must-see, emulating the menu of the Playstation game. Truly the most creative and timeless design I've ever seen.

  When It Rains, It Pours
Cloud shrine, by Snow. A really fascinating character study about the main protagonist of FF7. The creator is another person with "old school" style when it comes to her shrines, making her fansite charmingly pure and untainted by digital trends.

*Affiliation is open to any good Final Fantasy fansite. This applies to any Final Fantasy, not just VII. If there's another FF shrine of mine that may be more relevant to yours, I may suggest that one instead. Just email me and ask!