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Shinobi Descendant // Yuffie
Ninja! // Yuffie

Niflhiem // General
My Light // Aeris
Ais Grave Nil // Angeal
Cryptic Puppet // Cait Sith
Mystery Moogle // Cait Sith
When it Rains, It Pours // Cloud
Simulacrum // Cloud
Calamity from the Skies // Jenova
Libertine // Reno
R.E.D. // Reno
Wild Thing // Reno
Empire // Rufus
Loveless // Tifa
Rose of May // Tifa
JENOVA // Sephiroth
Temple of Sephiroth // Sephiroth
Abandoned Hope // Vincent
Elegy // Vincent
ad Perpetuam Memorium // Zack
Fall of the Sky // Zack
Yours Truly // Zack

Airsick // Cloud x Yuffie
Eternal Love // Cloud x Tifa
Destiny Fulfilled // Aeris x Cloud
Hikari // Aeris x Cloud
I Want To Meet You // Aeris x Cloud

Blitzartig // Zell; FF8
Nocturne // Shuyin; FFX
Nymph (Rydia)
Royal Crown // Edea; FF8
Surreptitious // Ureska; Summon Night

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Hana to Yume
In The Fade
Nerd Listings