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 ☆ site history

Birth date: unknown
Former address:,
Name changes: none
Layouts: 4
Current Owner: Ava
Missing affiliates: 6

All Creation was adopted from a girl named Skania in 2003. I do not remember how, when or why. The site is estimated to have been at least a year old at that point. There was a good foundation of work, and I added more to it after that. After 2004, I went on a 5 year hiatus from web design, during which the site was not touched at all, but apparently was linked and visited often.

The site was hosted at Daintyrose.Net from 2003 to 2009. In September 2009, I returned to web design. All Creation was moved my then collective domain, Aftercolony.Org. it was moved to Heartilly.Com when I restructured my network in Summer 2010.

Things to be Added

I'll be the first to say I do not care for making this a huge, comprehesive text book-like fansite. This site clearly focuses on the original FFVII game, and less on the spin-offs, because the compliation didn't even come out at the time I worked on this shrine. I don't see that changing anytime soon. I just want the basics for your average Yuffie fan. After I finish the media section of this shrine, I will consider this site complete.