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 ☆ FAQs

Also known as frequently asked questions. If the answer to your question is not here, feel free to email me.

Q. What's hotlinking, direct linking, remote linking?
It's when you take the exact url of an image on someonelse's site and use it on your site. It steals bandwidth, and is looked down upon in the internet community as an evil sin. Stealing too much bandwidth can cause a website to go offline or be suspended.

To prevent this, you must save an image to your own hard drive, upload it from your webspace, and it link it from your space.

Q. Who are you?
My online alias is Ava. Some older friends may have known me as Amy, Ami, Rinoa, Yunie...

Q. Can we affiliate or link exchange?
Yes on link exchanges, provided that it's a Final Fantasy related site. Affiliation is open at the moment.

Q. Can I use images from your galleries?
For official Square images, screenshots, artwork, yes. Those are available for personal use. For fan art and wallpapers, please check with the artist.

Q. Can I use part of your layout graphics or link buttons?
No, I worked hard on it, I'll kill you.

Q. Can I use something you wrote on this site (or any other sites of yours)?
If you quote my words from this site, please clearly acknowledge me as the writer and link back to me on that same page. I've had people copy and paste my text on forums before as if they were saying it. People will recognize and call you out on it. It's stupid and looked down upon. So don't do it. It will just make you look bad.

Q. Can you make me something, send me something, or find something for me?
No. Google it.

Q. What donations do you accept?
I'll accept artwork, scans, cosplay photos, sprites, skins, fanart, and button donations. If you'd like to write a subsection or make a layout, please discuss it with me first. Of course, you'll be properly credited and linked.