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Version #4 Version #4
Once again, I'm sticking with red for Miss Kisaragi. This color scheme is red, orange, and beige. It uses a concept sketch of Yuffie drawn by Nomura. Understanding that I'm not good at busy, texture-filled layouts (though I like them), I accepted that simple designs may compliment my strengths more. This design is made with tables and div layers, reflecting my current affection for centered layouts.

Version #3 Version #3
I've decided that I like Yuffie in red. This is a div layers layout with a burgundy and beige color scheme. The top header was a blend of various Yuffie images, but I overdid it and ended up burying much of the images under textures to the point where you couldn't see them anymore. The only viewable image is an art illustration of Advent Children Yuffie from a Square Enix magazine.This was the first layout made for Yuffie's move to my new domains, coming from It is also one of my first layouts created after my 5 year web design hiatus.

Version #2 Version #2
Greyscale. Uses image of Yuffie from Kingdom Hearts and Ehrgeiz. I liked it because it was one of those creative coding jobs that used div layers but looked like it was frames. It was described by others as compact and cute. This went up sometime around the time Advent Children was just announced.

Version #1 Version #1
Created by the original owner and in use when I adopted the site. Frames. Up for a long time. I loved the deep forest green color scheme and the uncommon artwork of Yuffie used in this layout.