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 ☆ the reason why

Why was this fansite created? According to Skania, the original creator of All Creation before I adopted it...

"Why did I choose Yuffie? That's easy! I relate to her alot. I'm young, although three years younger than her, and I can annoy people, I like to try to steal things, etc.

I also chose her because she gets NO credit what so ever. People hate her to no end, and I've always wondered, "If you hate her so much, then why did you bother getting her?"

I also chose her because she kicks so much ass on Ehrgeiz. I can whoop my friend, occasionally. (If she doesn't choose Cloud! XP) Also, Yuffie's limits are super helpful in the game.

So there you have it. The original creator of the fansite was a thirteen year old girl who saw Yuffie for what she is, an awesome teenager who kicks butt. There's no psuedo-deep, serious and long explanation. If the fiesty ninja girl helps you win your battles, that's good enough for some gamers. Why can't we all be more honest about why we like the characters we do?

I wonder if the creator where ever she is now, looks at the new, older Yuffie as shown in Advent Children and Cerberus, and thinks about how both her and Yuffie have matured, together.