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The 16-year old ninja spent most of her time preying on helpless travelers until she met up with Cloud's party. Although she is relectant to join AVALANCHE, her ulterior motives give her reason to tag along, if only temporarily. Her clever wit and ninja skills coupled with her selfish ways will either make her a powerful ally or a serious pain n the neck.

Yuffie is a materia theif, and she really only wanted to join Cloud and company to get their materia. Obviously, she got more than she bargained for. WEAPONS, Shina, Sephiroth, Hojo, Meteor, etc..

However, she only wanted the materia so she could restore Wutai, her homeland, back to its former glory. A while back, which I'm estimating to be maybe 10 years before the game, Wutai lost the war versus ShinRa, and had to become a "cheesy tourist attraction" of sorts. Yuffie hates that, and states that Leviathan, the guardian of Wutai, is mad. Her dad, Lord Godo, gets mad at her, and she goes off to get materia. And so starts the story.

Wait a minute, Lord Godo?! Indeed, Yuffie is the heir of Wutai! Suprising, isn't it? A lot of the people in Wutai don't like how she rebels against all the traditions that the are valued by the older generation. She isn't a very likable figure in her hometown, similar to how she isn't too likable with game reviewers who see her as annoying. Yuffie, however, couldn't care less about what others think. As long as she gets her materia, everything is fine with her. She's showing her dedication to her town in her own way, staying true to herself, no matter how childish that self may appear to be.