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 ☆ ff7 fashion

   Starting off with her head, Yuffie has short hair (to match her tomboy personality), held up with a silver metal headband with green bandana/hairband thing attached, showing in the back of it. Yuffie wears no earrings, most likely because it's a bother for her active lifestyle, and she's not much of a girly girl anyway.
   Down to her shirt. Yuffie wears a green turtleneck sweater, cut-off so so it exposes her stomach. It also has a shoulder guard, which is attached to the protector on her left arm. This can be used as a shield. The shoulder guard is held to her top with belts. This was just the beginning of Nomura's overt affinity for belts.
   Yuffie's right handed, she uses the arm to handle and throw her weapon. She wears a leather glove to hold her sharp weapons, with a flesh colored fishnet covering her lower arm - most likely. Her left arm has a slim arm guard shield, which connects to her top with a ornament, and has green ribbons coming down from it.
   Moving on to her shorts, Yuffie wears khaki shorts which are quite baggy. The top button is undone, exposing her belly. There are also metal belts on her thigh holding up her stocking.
   On to her legs. On her left leg, Yuffie wears another metal cuff and flesh-colored fishnets similar to on her right arm. It was suggested that this could be for holding materia, though personally, I find that theory rather bizarre. Yuffie's right leg is bare. She wears high midcalf loose socks, a bit like the popular loose white socks that Japanese schoolgirls wear. Yuffie has kick-butt yellow sneakers. Rock on.

 ☆ variations

Ehrgeiz: Red version of her FFVII outfit. This corresponds to the original concept art of Yuffie, before her color scheme was changed to green/orange. As I've said before, I think the abundance of red suits her agressive personality well, so I rather like this one.

Advent Children: Darker version of original outfit, with a leather vest and navy top with white flowers printed on it. It seems like everyone in AC gets a leather makeover. Yuffie wears less armor here as well, which is good for flexibilty and speed in battle.

Kingdom Hearts: In KH1, she wears less armor and brighter colors (like a blue top and a yellow scarf), fitting for the youth-oriented game. Yuffie appears slighter younger and more cartoon-y in KH than in FF7. In KH2, she upgrades to a version of her Advent Children outfit.

Dirge of Cerberus: A, quite frankly, ugly yellow and blue ensemble. It still suits all the basics of a Yuffie outfit. Headband, tank top, shorts and tall boots/sneakers. It is a good outfit for moving about freely and still demonstrates Yuffie's youthful tastes. She occasionally wears a tan-colored cloak.