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 ☆ relationships

// Cloud Strife \\ Cloud Strife
   Yuffie probably admired Cloud. He is the team's leader, convinced Yuffie to join them, and he helped save Wutai, which Yuffie really cares for. As a ninja, she also probably respects Cloud as an amazing fighter. If you get the date with her in the Gold Saucer, she'll be th eonly one is is shameless enough to kiss him.

// Aerith Gainsborough \\ Aerith Gainsborough
   She cries very hard when Aeris is killed. After the fight with Jenova under the Forgotten City, if Yuffie is in your party, you'll see her was crouched on the floor bawling. Yuffie probably looked up to Aeris as a sophisticated, older sister. Given Aerith's personality, I imagine Aeris would have been very friendly to Yuffie throughout their travels. Aerith is also unlikely to be easily annoyed by Yuffie's antics.

// Tifa Lockhart \\ Tifa Lockhart
   Yuffie also looks up to Tifa, as both Aeris and Tifa are like older sisters to Yuffie in their group. Tifa and Yuffie must have become friends later on, as how they're the only two females in AVALANCHE after Aeris dies. Tifa did get pretty ticked when Yuffie stole their materia, a natural reaction of frustration, but only most likely only temporary.

// Barret Wallace \\ Barrent Wallace
   Barret may have tried to be a "fatherly" figure to Yuffie, and probably scoleded her when she did dumb things. He did state that "at least she didn't steal anything from us" at the end of Disc 2, and Yuffie gets angry at him for this remark.

// Red XIII \\ Red XIII
    In Disc 3, on the Highwind, Yuffie says, "Damn! My plan failed. let's pick on Red XIII later." This shows that she is rather fond of Red XIII to some extent. I can see them getting along, in the way that a loud extrovert needs a silent, steady introvert to play off on. Red XIII is also shown to be a patient person and has an affinity for kids, as shown in Costa del Sol where he played ball with the local children.

// Cait Sith \\ Cait Sith
    These two can definitely be pals and cause mischief with the more serious AVALANCHE members. Yuffie is childish, and Cait Sith likes to act childish (look at him!), despite his alter ego's true intellect. Their similar light-hearted personalities would mesh well, and they can have a lot of fun.

// Cid Highwind \\ Cid Highwind
   Cid and Yuffie probably were not that close. Cid also calls Yuffie a brat a lot, and that ticks her off. They have very little in common. There's a large age difference. Cid loves flying while Yuffie gets airsick. Thus, they're rarely on the Highwind bridge together.

// Vincent Valentine \\ Vincent Valentine
    Vincent doesn't really talk much, so was odd to me that many people in the 1997 paired these two up as a couple. The almost-automatic Vincent x Yuffie fandom pairing is understandable as they are the two optional characters of game. Sometimes, opposites do attract. Regardless, Vincent is much too dedicated to Lucretia to be attracted to other women. Thankfully, by the time of Dirge of Cerberus, the Vincent x Yuffie shipping had died down. In DoC, their friendship is demonstrated.