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 ☆ resemblances

My opinions on other fictional characters who resemble Yuffie, whether in personality or appearance.

Rikku Rikku
Final Fantasy X/X-2
She's at the top of the list because these two are most similar. They're both theives with the same role of Spunky, Young Girl in a Final Fantasy game. They both can be quite mischeivious, but have good motives behind it. They're upbeat and energetic, though it seems Rikku is less jaded. It's understandable; the FF7 world was much rougher than Spira. On a random note, someone once referred to Rikku as "a less bearable Yuffie".

Misao Misao Makimachi
Rurouni Kenshin
Misao is a ninjagirl who used to steal from people in the forest with her throwing knives for the sake of restoring honor to a group she loves. Then she met the hero of the series in the forest and was convinced to join him and his group to become a central character. See the connection? XD I see Misao as the closest anime counterpart to Yuffie ever found.

Hilde Hilde Schbeiker
Gundam Wing
Physically, they look alike. A lot alike. It must be the short, dark hair. That's my main reason. Aside from that, Hilde also has a tomboyish persona. They both are dedicated to who they team with. As Hilde tried to cheer up Duo, Yuffie was trying to cheer up Cloud. However, Hilde seems more motivated by love, and MUCH more concerned with morals. Yuffie is not as compassionate; it's the difference between a soldier and a ninja. Different ideals.

Skuld Skuld
Ah My Goddess!
I'm not sure what I was thinking with this match-up. Skuld is probably the least similar on this page, but she still shares some common traits with Yuffie. Yuffie, at worst, can be very childish. Skuld is like that pretty much all the time. The two girls are also the youngest and most immature within their parties. However, they both have excellent talent and skills in their own areas of expertise (Yuffie: fighting; Skuld: machinery.)

Selphie Selphie Tilmitt
Final Fantasy VIII
Once again, they both fill the same role within their own respective Final Fantasy game. Yuffie has more of a connection with Rikku, but Selphie also fits. Selphie is also very upbeat and genki. Selphie cares deeply for Trabia garden in the same way Yuffie cares for Wutai, though both girls left their homeland to help their party save the world. On the contrary though, Selphie shows more explicit concern for her loved ones and does not often carry secret agendas.