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 ☆ in battle

Yuffie isn't one of the strongest team members, but her Limit Breaks are powerful. Keep her in the back rank and outfit her with plenty of Materia. Although this tactic will lower her Hit Points, her position in the back rank should keep her safe. Her long-range weapons enable her to attack from a distance without a back rank penalty.

After Aerith leaves the party, consider making Yuffie or Cait Sith your primary healer type. True, it's not fitting for Yuffie's personality, and she's not the strongest magic user, but it's reasonable since you have most likely positioned her in the back row anyway. She comes with one healing type limit break, Clear Tranquil.

A trip to Wutai is recommended for all players with Yuffie in their party, and not just for the storyline. It is there that you can receive her ultimate limit break, as well as the Oritsuru, Yuffie's second strongest weapon in the game.