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 ☆ finding yuffie

Once you get onto the Junon area, you will see some forests. If you enter one, you may encounter a "mystery ninja". It's Yuffie! Defeat her and you will enter an area, and you have to say specific things for Yuffie to join you. See below, and remember, Yuffie is very good in battle, so you should get her!

Though Junon is the earliest you can find her, she appears in most other forests around the world. Thus, you can get her later on as well. Also, it's important not to use the save point you see after defeating Yuffie. She will steal your money and disappear.

 ☆ post-battle conversation

Yuffie: "Man...... I can't believe I lost..."
(She leaps away.)
Yuffie: "You spikey-headed jerk! One more time, let's go one more time!"

(You say): Not interested

Cloud: "Not interested"
Yuffie: (She makes punching motions.) "Thinkin' of running away? Stay and fight! FIGHT, I said!"
Yuffie: "C'mon...... What's the matter?"
Yuffie: "You're pretty scared of me, huh!?" (The conversation continues.)

(You say): ......petrified

Cloud: "......petrified"
Yuffie: "Hmm, just as I thought. What do you expect with my skills?" "Good luck to you too. If you feel up to it, we can go another round. Later!" (She runs off, then stops and turns.) "I'm really gonna leave! REALLY!" (The scene continues.)

(You say): Wait a second!

(The party runs up closer to the ninja.)
Yuffie: "What is it, you still have somethin' for me?"
Yuffie: "......Hmmm. So is that it?"
Yuffie: "I know you want my help because I'm so good!"
Yuffie: "You want me to go with you?"
(The scene continues.)

(You say): ......That's right

Cloud: "That's right"
Yuffie: "Heh heh... thought so. You put me in a spot. Hmm, what should I do?"
Yuffie: "But if you want me that bad, I can't refuse..."
Yuffie: "All right! I'll go with you!" (The scene continues.)

(You say): ......Let's hurry on

Cloud: "......Let's hurry on"
(The scene continues.)
(Cloud and the party walk off, leaving Yuffie behind.)
Yuffie: "Huh? Hey... HEY!"
(She runs after them.)
Yuffie: "Wait! I haven't even told you my name......"
(You name Yuffie)
Yuffie: "I'm Yuffie! Good to meetcha!"
(She turns away and starts to laugh to herself.)
Yuffie: "Heh heh...... just as I planned."
Yuffie: "Now all I have to do is... a little this...... and a little that...... nyuk, nyuk, nyuk......"
(She runs off after the others.)
Yuffie: "Hey, wait up! Wait for me!!" "Here, I'll give you back the money I stole from you!" "......or, uh, what's left of it."