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 ☆ limit breaks

level 1

[Greased Lightening]
Yuffie hits one opponent with a quick attack that causes massive physical damage. Greased Lightning does enough damage to elininate weaker opponents, but it is outdated by the time you receive Landscaper.

[Clear Tranquil]
A blue orb surounds each party member and restores a portion of each character's Hit Points. Early on, this very is helpful for curing your allies, but the amount of damage enemies cause plus the party's increased HP will soon be too much for Clear Tranquil to be effective.

level 2

Yuffie causes a tremor that forces the ground beneath a group of opponents to rise and explode, which causes massive damage to her enemies. Use this Linit Break solely against groups of enemies. The damage isn't cumulative, so its effect is drastically reduced against a lone enemy.

Yuffie attacks a group of enemies with a series of 10 deadly blows. Unlike the Landscaper, this is effective against both a group or single enemy. The individual attacks are weaker than the Landscaper's single attack, so limit it to small groups.

level 3

Summoning a blue vortex, Yuffie causes a large amount of damage to an entire group of enemies. This causes a large amount of damage, but it's not cumulative. Keep it reserved for large groups or at least weak groups.

[Doom of the Living]
Much like Bloodfest, Yuffie moves about the sceen and hits her opponents with a series of deadly blows. The only real differences is the amount of damage inflicted. The damage for this break is cumulative, which makes it better against a single enemy.

level 4

[All Creation]
Yuffie blasts her opponent with a huge beam of light. This attack causes a large amount of damage to either single or multiple enemies.