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 ☆ ultimates

limit break -- All Creation

Defeat Lord Godo (Yuffie's father) inside of the Pagoda of the Five Gods in Wutai and she will be given the All Creation manual after beating him. Use it in your inventory to learn the level 4 limit break.

To fight Godo, you need to do the Pagoda sidequest in Wutai where you climb up the pagoda, defeating one boss on each floor. Godo is the last and most powerful boss. He is level 41, so you should be somewhere about that range before attempting to battle him.his HP is around 10,000, and his MP is around 1,000.

Godo is immune to most status ailments, except poison. Thus, you should poison him early on in the battle. He has three rotating faces that deterine what type of spell he is going to cast. The white face casts healing magic on himself, the gold casts status effect spells and a gravity spell, and the red casts a lightning spell and a physical attack.

If you play defensively and about 1000 damage per round, you should be able to beat him in a dozen rounds. If you're having trouble due to his healing spells, keeping casting poison, demi, and wait him to run out of MP.

ultimate weapon -- Conformer

You can find the Conformer in the Sunken Gelnika's generator room. It is in a hidden chest located on the lowest floor in the northwest corner.

The Conformer is a great weapon with a lot of perks. Aside from the usual benefits of a long-range weapon, it also does more damage the higher level the enemy is. Its attack power is 96 and it comes with 4 double materia slots. It is especially efficient when paired with Morph. It also will not attack your allies when Yuffie is confused.

The Sunken Gelnika can be found underwater off the coast of Junon. Aside from the Conformer, it also holds other valuable items such as Cid Highwind's ultimate limit break and the Hades summon materia. Monsters there range from level 38 - 52. Depending on when you go there in the storyline, you may also run into a boss fight with the Turks.