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 ☆ weapon list

Weapon name Attack Hit Rate Growth Location
4-Point Shuri.23100NormalEquipped
Boomerang30101NormalJunon (1), Gongaga
Wind Slash30103DoubleJunon (2,3), Cargo Ship
Twin Viper36108DoubleJunon (2,3), Shinra Mansion
Pinwheel37104NormalCosmo Canyon
Razor Ring49105NormalWutai
Hawkeye61107NormalIcicle Inn
Magic Shuriken64113NormalJunon (2,3), Wutai
Spiral Shuriken68110NormalCosta del Sol (2,3)
Superball68120NoneJunon (2,3), Fort Condor
Rising Sun68108DoubleDiamond Weapon (Steal)
Crystal Cross74110NormalMideel
Conformer96112NoneSunken Gelnika

* Weapons are listing in order of attack power, from lowest to highest.
* Numbers next to locations denote which on disc the weapon becomes available.