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Caution: There are story spoilers everywhere here, for multiple Final Fantasy games!

the darker side

The Rinoa/Ultimecia Theory
Can one thousand years turn a spirited hero into a jaded villain? Absolutely. The rumor that would have added much realism and twisted depth to the already convoluted storyline.

the middle ground

Designing the Every Woman
Speculating the considerations that went into her character design, how the designers tried to achieve their goal, and gamers' mixed reactions.
Rescue Me!
Her brazen actions may get her into trouble often, but the princess completely saves your butt in the big picture, both mentally and physically.
Sleep, the Cousin of Death
The reasons for and meaning of Rinoa's mid-game coma. Spoilers for Final Fantasy 7.

the lighter side

One Actress and Three Understudies
An alternative to the usual doppergangers page, here's my passionate choice for Rinoa in a live action casting of FF8, and some special mentions to be fair.
What is Rinoa's Job Class?
Three theories on where Rinoa, who is notoriously difficult to classify, would fit into Final Fantasy's traditional job class system.