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Image Galleries

  · Official Artwork - Canon images of Rinoa published by Square-Enix.
· Fan-made Artwork - Unofficial interpretations of Rinoa by talented fans.

· FMV Screencaps (Disc 1) - Shots of the full motion videos in the first disc.
· FMV Screencaps (Disc 2) - Balamb takes flight and the battle of the gardens.
· FMV Screencaps (Disc 3) - Lost in space and the trouble with sorceresses.
· FMV Screencaps (Disc 4) - 125 screen shots of the ending movie.


  · Avatars & Icons - 100x100 icons to use on your blogs, forums, and social networks.
· Music Jukebox - Sample the music of FFVIII on this streaming player.
· Wallpapers - Wallpaper backgrounds for your PSP and netbook computer.