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This is an unofficial fansite for the character Rinoa Heartilly of the Playstation video game, Final Fantasy VIII. Here you'll find information, opinion pieces, and media related to the character.

This website was formerly known as Girl Next Door and Vanishing Star, and located at nanatsusaya.net and zelphie.net. I created this website in November 2001 and met a lot of amazing fans and web designers because of it. A decade later, I still love the game and the characters who carried the storyline.

This website was also the origin of a short article called Rinoa is Ultimecia Theory, which was posted at gaming forums without credit. If you see another person's writing elsewhere, please call it and link back to the original source.

The layout design is Version 4. With artist permission, it features artwork by Shirogane and pixel sprites by Karen. Use the top navigation bar to access content.


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