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Fury Caraway | Julia Heartilly | Angelo | Forest Owls

Fury Caraway  

Fury Caraway is Rinoa's father. He is the widowed General of the Galbadian military, residing in a large mansion in Deling City. He is SeeD's main liason during the assassination attempt on Sorceress Edea. According to Rinoa, and as demonstrated by his test to enter his mansion, Caraway often tests people's skills. Though a strict military man, he acts for the well-being of his country, even when it opposes the current political leader. In the English version, he is a General. However, in the Japanese, Spanish, and German versions, he is a Colonel.

Rinoa and her father have very strained relationship. Caraway cares, and he shows it through highly protective actions, such as locking her in the mansion and arranging her release from prison. They don't communicate very well at all though. The fact that Caraway is the head of Galbadia's army, while Rinoa is a Timber resistance group member, doesn't help. Rather than take on her father's last name, Rinoa adopted her late mother's last name. This could be to sever her connection with Galbadia (as a freedom fighter) and to emotionally sever ties with her father(as family).

Julia Heartilly  

Julia Heartilly is Rinoa's mother. During the invasion of Timber, she was a popular lounge pianist at the hotel in Deling City. She was exquisitely beautiful and had many admirers, including Laguna Loire. During the Sorceress War, she wrote and performed a popular song called, "Eyes on Me", based on the unresolved love between her and Laguna. Since Laguna never returned from war, she married General Caraway and had Rinoa. She died in a car accident when Rinoa was 5 years old.

Julia and Rinoa share many habits. Both have taken the initiative in approaching their respective love interests. Both change interest quickly, but are genuinely in love with whoever they are with at the moment. Aside from disassociation, Rinoa's act of taking on the Heartilly family name also demonstrates how she idolizes her mother.


Angelo is Rinoa's pet dog. She was bought by Rinoa at a Timber Pet Shop. You first meet on the Forest Owls' train base. Rinoa immediately states that Angelo is very smart, which she is. Angelo often comes to help in battle, both randomly and on call, as part of Rinoa's limit breaks. She learns various attacks and heals from Pet Pal magazine volumes that the play er can find in Timber and Esthar. Angelo also appears in Esthar, Edea's Orphanage, and Balamb Garden. There is some debate over what breed Angelo is. Breeds that match her are German Shepard (mutt), border collie, and Australian Shepard.

Forest Owls  

The Forest Owls is a resistance group against Galbadia that aims for the emancipation of Timber. Their home base is a yellow train with "Raiders" written on it. The main three members we meet are Zone (the leader), Watts (intelligence gathering), and Rinoa (strategist). Zone and Watt's fathers were the original founders of the group. There were publicly executed by the Galbadian government. There are many resistance groups in Timber, and they all are friendly with each other, but the Timber Owls seem to be the only ones who are active.

Rinoa is nicknamed "the princess" of the group. Rinoa actually behaves more like the leader of the Owls. She is the one who makes contacts, is on the front line of the train hijacking operation, and personally "negotiating" with the Galbadia president. Even the English strategy guides makes this mistake by referring to Rinoa as the leader. The three separate in Timber after their base is destroyed. You can later meet Zone and Watts on the White SeeD ship, where they are quite upset that you've let Rinoa fall into a coma.