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Limit Breaks

Rinoa's limit break, Combine, is actually two limit breaks. She starts off with Angelo, a physical attack that she executes with her dog, and then later receives Angel Wing, a magical berserk mode, after inheriting her sorceress powers.



A dog really is man's best friend. Rinoa's pet, Angelo, comes in battle when his mistress summons him to perform attacks. He can also appear randomly in battle and give smaller benefits without being called. Here is a list of Angelo's various abilities:

Trick Name Trick Effect Learned in... Location
Angelo Rush Damages one enemy. (random) Automatic Starts with it
Angelo Recover Heals a low-HP member. (random) Pet Pals Vol 2 Rinoa's bed at Forest Owl base
Angelo Reverse Revive KO member. (random) Pet Pals Vol 4 Timber pet shop
Angelo Search Find items on battlefield.(random) Pet Pals Vol 5 Esthar pet shop
Angelo Cannon Damages all enemies. (call) Automatic Starts with it
Angelo Strike Damage one enemy. (call) Pet Pals Vol 1 Train to Timber
Invincible Moon Party is invincible. (call) Pet Pals Vol 3 Timber pet shop
Wishing Star Damages all enemies. (call) Pet Pals Vol 6 Esthar pet shop

To teach Angelo new tricks, you have to first find the associated Pet Pals magazine listed above. After reading it, you'll be able to select the trick from Angelo's status menu. The selected trick to gain experience, so to speak, as Rinoa walks around the world. After a certain amount of steps, a bell will chime when the trick is fully taught and usable. You can move on and select a new trick to learn.

Angel Wing 


Angel Wing is Rinoa's magical berserk mode. She receives this sometime during Disc 3, after receiving her sorceress powers. You lose control of Rinoa for the rest of the battle as she casts random offensive spells at random enemy targets. On the plus side, her magic and speed stats are given a boost, so her spells are super effective. The best part of this is that the spells are not deducted from her stocked magic. It's not that great of a limit break when she unluckily casts a low level spell, but it's fantastic when she casts something really powerful like Ultima or Apocalypse. There are methods of manipulating Angel Wing, primarily by giving Rinoa only high level magic in her stock. Note that casting Haste on Rinoa will greatly improve the efficiency of this limit break, the spells are cast automatically based on her ATB gauge.