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The SeeDs

Irvine Kinneas | Quistis Trepe | Selphie Tilmitt | Zell Dincht

Irvine Kinneas  

Irvine Kinneas joins the crew at Galbadia Garden, being the last one of the main party to join. At this time, Rinoa is pretending to be a SeeD, but it's likely that Irvine discovers the truth later when General Caraway orders him to retrieve Rinoa from prison. As he drives away from the prison, Rinoa harasses and wails on him until Irvine is convinced to go back to break out the others. During the Battle of the Gardens, Irvine is the one who calls Squall "heartless" for not saving Rinoa quickly. At the Centra flower field, Irvine states that he's happy seeing Squall and Rinoa together, especially after enduring all those bruises and scratches from Rinoa.

I think Irvine likes Rinoa because he's more of a romantic than he appears to be. Irvine's in love with Selphie, just like Rinoa's in love with Squall. Both of them have insecurities. Both of their love interests are difficult to start a relationship with. However, Rinoa is a lot more genuine and upfront about her feelings than Irvine is. Maybe he admires that. Additionally, they similarly place a high value on personal connections.

Quistis Trepe  

Quistis Trepe cares for Squall a lot, and she engages in a lot of teasing and observation. In the beginning, she thought this was love. Her attempts to become closer to Squall results in Squall being a bastard and Quistis being hurt. She later realizes that her feelings toward Squall are sisterly. In Deling City, she scolds her for treating this delicate political situation as a father-daughter quarrel, a game. Soon after, she realizes she was too harsh, and returns to apologize. As the game progresses, she becomes a staunch supporter of Squall/Rinoa pairing. After Rinoa is taken to the Sorceress Memorial to be sealed away, it is Quistis' lecture that makes Squall realize how much he cares for Rinoa.

It's natural for Quistis to dislike Rinoa at first. They're polar opposites in background. Quistis was train to value preparation, discipline, and respect for authority. Rinoa, on the other hand, is a rebel - she leads a terrorist organization and sometimes acts impulse rather than orders. In addition, there's chemistry between Squall and Rinoa. At this time, due the loss of her memory growin up in the orphanage, Quistis confused her familial love for romantic love. Of course she'd be jealous. Tamisa of Save the Queen agrees with the initial jealousy and their contrary personalities, so it seems the Square did a good job of conveying the relationship between these two girls, especially using the Deling City argument. (Though there's still room to argue on whether Quistis was truly in love with Squall).

Later on, I think that Quistis supports the main pairing because she sees that Rinoa is good for Squall - Rinoa creates changes and makes breakthroughs that Quistis couldn't. You want that for someone you love, and a more appreciative Squall is something Quistis can benefit from as well.

Selphie Tilmitt  

Selphie Tilmitt is the energizer bunny, transfer student from Trabia Garden. She seems to generally get along with Rinoa and even ships Squall/Rinoa. She comments on Rinoa being cute in her sleep, which causes Squall to blush profusely. In her diary entries, Selphie also discusses how she believes in Rinoa as a good sorceress, despite what others say, because she knows that actions matter more than the classification. Luisa of Rapture says that Selphie and Rinoa have the same core, but march to different beats, as Selphie is more independent than Rinoa. Indeed, Selphie is far less interested, or even aware of romance, by the way she constantly ignores Irvine.

But another way to see how they're different is to look at their hobbies. Selphie loves machinery, driving, piloting, and websites. This shows that Selphie is all about action and physical experiences. She likes to create, she likes to move, she likes things with a tangible outcome. Now look at Rinoa's hobbies. She loves to read books, play with her dog, and spend time with other people. This shows that Rinoa likes absorbing information and activities that are stimulating on an interpersonal level. When Squall lets down his guard a bit, or says something out of character, that's an accomplishment that makes her happy.

Zell Dincht  

Zell Dincht is added to your team early on in the game. Loud, zealous, hyperactive - he's quite different from Squall. Zell and Rinoa have a very close and healthy friendship. Sofia of Blitzartig states that this is because both are free spirits with positive outlooks on life. I'd agree. Zell and Rinoa are both really friendly and approachable people. Why wouldn't they get along?

Zell shows how he cares for Rinoa in that he helps Rinoa get Squall's ring, knowing that she has feelings for him. When he does get it, he's really happy because he will have made his friend happy. Zell reacts like a spazz to everything, but when Rinoa falls off a cliff during the Battle of the Gardens, Zell freaks out especially hard. Rinoa seems to contribute to their friendship as well. She shows in interest in his life, asking him about his family, and she uses her wit to help him out when Squall picks on him. Who knows, with all that time she spends in the library, maybe she got to know Zell's love interest (the pigtailed librarian girl) as well.