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Rinoa uses a fairly unique weapon that is uncommon in the Final Fantasy series - Blaster Edges. It's a projectile weapon consisting of a chakram, arrow, or rocket-like boomerang (depending on the model) that launches from a wrist-mounted device, which it often returns to after injuring the enemy. The closest-related conventional weapons to the Blaster Edge would be the Boomerang, Crossbow, and Shuriken/Stars.

Her weapons may be new for FF8, but some of the names pay homage to a history of similar weapons in past FF games. The Pinwheel is a throwing weapon or item commonly used by ninjas or monks in the series. It was the strongest weapon for Shadow (FF6), but later became a low level weapon, such as for Yuffie (FF7). Pinwheels outside of FF8 appear more like their wind toy namesake. The Rising Sun is a recurring shuriken or knuckles weapon. It is used by many job classes, but tend to be for ninjas and thieves the most. Characters with a Rising Sun include Edge (FF4), Amarant (FF9), and Rikku (FFX).


Cost: 100 Gil
Atk: 11
Hit: 99
Items Dropped By Stolen From Card Mod
M-Stone x3 Bite Bug, Funguar, Buel, Jelleye, Glacial Eyes, Creeps, Belhelmel, Blobra, T-Rexaur, Bomb, Vysage, Lefty, Righty, Elastoid, Gesper, Blitz, Death Claw, Abyss Worm, Gayla, Armadodo Bite Bug, Blobra, Buel Bite Bug, Funguar (1 for 1)


Cost: 200 Gil
Atk: 14
Hit: 101
Items Dropped By Stolen From Card Mod
Shear Feather x1 Thrustaevis, Death Claw Thrustaevis, Death Claw Thrustaevis (1 for 1)
Magic Stone x1 Bite Bug, Funguar, Buel, Jelleye, Glacial Eye, Creeps, Belhelmel, Blobra, Geezard, Abyss Worm, Ochu Grat, Buel, Jelleye Grat, Buel, Jelleye (1 for 1)


Cost: 400 Gil
Atk: 18
Hit: 103
Items Dropped By Stolen From Card Mod
Saw Blade x1 Belhelmel Belhelmel Belhelmel (1 for 1)
Screw x8 Geezard, GIM47N Geezard Geezard (1 for 5)


Cost: 800 Gil
Atk: 24
Hit: 104
Items Dropped By Stolen From Card Mod
Cockatrice Pinion x1 Cockatrice Cockatrice Cockatrice, Iguion (1 for 1)
Mesmerize Blade x1 Mesmerize Mesmerize Mesmerize (1 for 1)
Sharp Spike x1 Grand Mantis, Death Claw Grand Mantis Grand Mantis (1 for 1)


Cost: 1000 Gil
Atk: 28
Hit: 107
Items Dropped By Stolen From Card Mod
Windmill x2 Thrustaevis, Abyss Worm, Death Claw, GIM 52A Thrustaevis, Abyss Worm Abyss Worm (1 for 1)
Regen Ring x1 Torama, Chimera, Turtapod, Mesmerize, Lefty Toramaa, Biggs (2nd fight) Chimera (10 for 1)
Force Amulet x1 Ochu, Forbidden, Edea N/A N/A
Energy Crystal x2 Elnoyle, Behemoth, Red Dragon N/A Elnoyle (10 for 1)