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This is irreplaceble, special affiliate #1. Since the very beginning of this shrine, Sessy was there, before it even had a decent layout and or even an ad-free host. Her kindness in reaching out to new web designers and fans is something we should all adopt. Rinoa has always been her favorite character and the fact that her shrine has been up for over a decade shows what a true fan she is.

This is super special affiliate #2. I affiliated with her Seifer shrine years ago and have watched it grow into the landmark it is today. Tamisa is very thoughtful in that she remembers all her old affiliates, even the ones who have disappeared. When I took a break from web design, Tamisa kept in touch and gave soft encouragement to get this site back online. So if you like the shrine you're visiting now, go visit Tamisa's shrine to the hottest bad boy in FFVIII to thank her for her support.

Quistis is quite a great character. Smart, beautiful, and capable. She's got complexities and insecurities, just like everyone does. Yet many fans find it hard to look past her exterior and into those human contradictions. Tamisa's shrine helps break it down with her usual abundance of information and analysis. Like Problematic, it's a must-read for any Final Fantasy 8 fan.

Like my own shrine, Vii's shrine to Zell was also revived after a long period of downtime. I like how Vii does her own thing at Burn&Rave. She doesn't let current trends dictate how her own shrine should be, and that makes it a great shrine. There's a good amount of solid information on Zell here, with a bonus dash of the owner's humorous personality. Go check it out!

Jae's Irvine shine is a diamond in the rough. When you first visit, you'll feel as if you've found a private treasure trove of FF8 knowledge. Did you know that Irvine was named after the city in California that charmed a developed during his visit? Or that Irvine is actually not a SeeD? All that and more can be discovered through ToF's amusing and informative content.

The first thing you'll notice about Blitzartig is how colorful the design is. Intentional or not, it seems to represent the vivacity and energy that Zell brought to Final Fantasy VIII. Everything you could possibly want to know about Zell is here, and then some. Even dedicated FF8 fans might end up learning something they didn't know about Zell. It's a shrine very deserving of the Amassment SOTM award.

Would you like to become an affiliate? If you have any RPG video game fansite of
good quality, feel free to contact me asking for affiliation. :)