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Credits & Resources


Most information and opinions comes me playing the video games itself.


The following resources were also helpful, in either rewatching scenes or improving my own gameplay.


Buttons: Site linkback buttons were donated from members of Amassment, including, Todd, Michelle, Sarah, Sofia, Saya, Stefi, Dubiousdisc, and Mikari.

Scripts: I use Lightbox 2 for image galleries and DOM Rollover II for general navigation.

Images/Videos: Official art is all owned by Square and can be found all over the web. Screencaps come from PC FMVs downloaded off Youtube. Where noted, some fmv screen captures were made by Princess and reposted with her express permission. Fanart was either found on Deviantart or sent to me directly.

Layout Design: Made by me in Photoshop CS and raw coded in Notepad++. Fanart is by Shirogane. Textures come from Crazy Kira and Narcotic Please.

Textures, Brushes, & PSDs: Here are some of my resource makers whose creations I often utilize: 99 Mockingbirds, Absolute Trouble, Crazy Kira, Dearest, Filmowe, Jyuukoi, Froozen-Tears, Life is Dolce, MellowMint, Narcotic Please, SamuraiBlues, Sanctae, Shizoo, Sillymee, & Shalowater.

Site Name: The original site name, Girl Next Door,came from a magazine in FF8 that I found humorous. Second name, Vanishing Star, came from a fanmade weapon name from Montyoum. Wishing Star is the name of one of Rinoa's limit breaks.


Thanks to the Wayback Machine for helping me get a peek at my website at its old locations, especially since I did not backup my files before those hosts went offline. Though I recreated this shrine purely from scratch, it was nice seeing the old list of pages and knowing the exact date that the shrine was first created.

Thanks Dreamhost, for being an awesome host. I can't reccommend this company enough!

Lastly, thank you to YOU, the visitors. Also, thanks to to everyone who has linked to this website. If you have linked me, be sure to tell me so that I can return the favor!