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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Though these are not so frequently asked, these are generic questions that visitors may have regarding the website. Please read these before you email me, as it may save us both some time. If you don't see your question here, then you can contact me.

Linking & Contributing

Q: Can we be affiliate sites?
A: Yes, however, my requirement is that it must be a video game fansite of good quality. I have other video games shrines too, so if yours fits with another one better, I may suggest affiliating with that one instead. If you're feeling shy and concerned about rejection, just ask for a link exchange instead.

Q: Can we link exchange?
A: YES! Link exchanges are great. You link my website on your site, I link your website on mine. Everybody gets free publicity in that win-win situation. It does not have to be Final Fantasy VII-related. Any fansite for a subject of a similar video game is fine.

Q: Can I donate a link button, fanart, wallpaper, icons, multimedia, or images?
A: Sure! Donations are awesome. Of course, you will also be properly credited/linked on the page with your donation and/or on the Credits & Resources page. If you want to donate something bigger, like a layout or an article, please consult me before making anything. I might not be comfortable with it, or I might already have plans similar to it and would want to collaborate.

Q: Why are your fmv images blurry?
A: Because I had trouble finding HQ videos that I could take clean screenshots of. I know that some are blurry, but they are also of fairly good size resolution. Looking at some of the small but grainy screencaps online, I figured that there will be still be some people who would value these larger but slightly imperfect shots. Since the motion blur only affects some of the images, it's not a major problem. I'm on the lookout for higher quality videos, so if you'd like to donate some, or screencaps, feel free to do so.

Q: I have an idea for a section I'd like to see on your website.
A: Send it to me and I will consider it. I always have quite a lengthy list of things I still need to add to the website though. So it might be a while before I apply your suggestion, if at all.

Q: What's hotlinking, direct linking, remote linking?
A: It's when you take the exact url of an image on someonelse's site and use it on your site. It steals bandwidth, and is looked down upon in the internet community as an evil sin. Stealing too much bandwidth can cause a website to go offline or be suspended. And yes, my stats will tell me who and where you are. So I will find you if you do it.
To prevent this, you must save an image to your own hard drive, upload it from your webspace, and it link it from your space. You can do this by right-clicking the image, choosing "Save Image As...", and then uploading it to a site like Imageshack, Photobucket, or Tinypic.


Q: Can I use images from your galleries?
A: For official Square images, screenshots, artwork, yes, those are available for personal, non-commercial use. Just save them to your own computer before working or using them. For fan art and wallpapers, please check with the artist. And remember, NO HOTLINKING.

Q: How do I get the music off your streaming player?
A: You can't get it from me. There are many legal issues around that, and I don't even understand what's legal and what's not in regards to this music subject. Thus, the most you'll ever get from me is a streaming jukebox.

Q: Can I use something you wrote on this site?
A: If you quote my words from this site, please clearly acknowledge me as the source and link back to me on that same page.

Q: Can I use your layout and/or coding?
A: No. My layouts aren't that good, and my coding is pretty messy (and not XHTML valid). You shouldn't want to be copying me anyway.

Q: Can you make me a layout/graphic or help me with my website design?
A: Generally, no. But I'll consider paid commissions depening on the project details and my free time at the moment.


Q: I hate the opinion you made on this article. *flame flame flame*
A: Go make your own website. :P

Q: I hate the Rinoa = Ultimecia theory.
A: I don't care. It's been argued to death over the last decade. I've probably already read your anti-R=U argument and I still like the theory. I wrote my essay in a way that is admittedly not absolute and full of disclaimers.

Q: Why haven't you responded to my email/comment yet?
A: Quite honestly, I'm really bad at replying to emails quickly. I'm very busy in real like, web site design is my hobby when I have free time. Just be patient, I'll get back to it eventually. If you're concerned that your message may have ended up in my spam folder, you can try emailing me again.