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Site History

Opening date: November 2001
Revival date: January 2011
Layouts: 6
Name changes: 2
Missing affiliates: 5
Current Owner: Ava
Former address: nanatsusaya.net/rinoa, zelphie.net/rinoa

This Rinoa shrine went online in November 2001 under the name "Girl Next Door". It started out at www50.brinkster.com/~rinoaheart. It was an honest piece of work, though a complete wreck by today's standards. I was encouraged by welcoming and talented site makers to continue working on my website, which endeared me to the small video game shriner's community. The people at Luminescense Forum, Shumi Message Board (now defunct), and TigerMilk! MB (also defunct) were particularly welcoming. I would not still be making websites if it wasn't for their kindness.

Some of my early affiliates were Brittany's The Kept Promise (Rinoa/Squall), Elle's Fragments of Memories (Ellone), Nell's Apocalypse, Sessy's Capturing an Angel (Rinoa), and Tamisa's Problematic (Seifer). I was offered hosting at Nanatsusaya.Net by Elle (of the dead Marvolo.org). Around 2003, Elle moved domains and I was taken in at Zelphie.Net by Tanya (of Honeybee-Inn.net). I'm not sure when it went down, but I estimate it was around 2004 or 2005. I'd prefer not to look through my horribly embarrassing old blog entries to determine exactly when.

The new shrine was revived and uploaded to heartilly.com/rinoa in early 2011 as "Vanishing Star", in homage to fanartist/animator Montyoum, creator of the Dead Fantasy series, and whom I'm a big fan of. Renamed to Wishing Star that summer. All content has been rewritten from scratch. This time around, I was inspired by a Livejournal community called Amassment, which assured me that there were plenty of fans still making websites to their favorite things.

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