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Welcome to my small fansite for Lenne of the video game, Final Fantasy X-2. Lenne is a non-playable character in FFX-2, which was the sequel to Final Fantasy X and the first direct sequel to a main series FF title.

If you haven't played Final Fantasy X-2 yet, only read the information sections if you're ready to see story spoilers! Instead, head to the video game section where you can get a summary of the game's features and find out if you'd like to play it.

Lenne is a minor character in terms of screentime, but is a large motivating force within the storyline. More than an Expy, Lenne is a reminder of many things. She's a reminder of the political warfare mankind continues to fall into time and time again. She's one-half of a statement on resentment and grief. She's a reminder of past mistakes to be learned from. She's a reminder to cherish those you love.

This is Version 5, with a design featuring artwork by Shirogane. Please use the links on the right to navigate through the sections.

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