Site History

This sire was created around early 2003, pretty much right after the game was first promoted. Yes, this was a premature character shrine, built before I had played the game, purely based on my curiousity about the mysterious looking female in the promotional ads. It was risky, and I don't know what I was thinking back then. Luckily, Lenne turned out to be as lovely a character as I guessed she would be. Otherwise, I wouldn't have kept this.

1000 Words originally started out on my old domain, Bevelle.Com, until it was moved to my next domain, Heavenly.Nu in Summer 2003. H.Nu no longer exists. I lost it due to name register technicalities. Regardless, my time at Heavenly.Nu was when I truly found the motivation to put more work into this shrine and advertise just a little bit more.

I briefly hosted my affiliate Jennifer's wonderful Yuna shrine (Named FEEL) until she moved it to Ashe.Nu. Then, I needed a host for 1000 Words, and Jennifer was kind enough to host me at Kairi.Net. It's funny how we switched roles. Unfortunately, Jenn and her domain has disappeared. Please let me know if you know where she moved to.

In Fall 2009, I returned to web design after a long hiatus. 1000 Words was temporarily located at other domains, until I decided to place it at Heartilly.Com, my Final Fantasy-related portal, after restructuring my network.

The site title is inspired from an Final Fantasy X-2 song. The orginal title is "Sen no Kotoba," roughly translating to "1000 Words".

Thank Yous (Credit)

Artwork: Shirogane of VdexProject (For Version 5)
Hosting: Dreamhost
Screenshots: Jennifer of Kairi.Net
Button: Crystal, Naelly, and Sofia.
All other credits for donations are listed on the page where their contribution is featured.
- Thanks to all my fabulous affiliates and other link exchanges.
- Thanks to all the FFX-2 fans who have visited this fansite. =)