These are highly recommended fansites that share a similar interest in honoring a fun game by spotlighting a great character. Affiliation is currently open to other Final Fantasy fansites. See Heartilly.Com for more tributes that also have affiliation still open.

ATHENA || Paine Athena
Isn't it wonderful when fanlistings have actual content? Nao's Athena is the only Paine shrine online that I know of and the only TFL-approved fanlisting. Highlights: The essays analyzing Paine's motivations, romantic possibilities, and seemingly tactiturn personality.

DREAM IMAGE || Tidus Dream Image
Jinny's Tidus fansite has an insane amount of content that is both informative and a pleasure to read, as writer has a clear & witty voice throughout the site. Highlights: The athlete section where quotes and analysis of game events remind me of scenes from FFX that I had long forgotten.

OVERDRIVE || Auron Overdrive
Auron is one of my favorite FFX characters. He's a crucial element for moving the FFX storyline... Plus, he's just really sexy and badass. :3 Earthy is a sweet person who retells Auron's story in a fun light. Highlights: Lots of ingame screenshots and relationship information.

PEARL || Lenne Pearl
Quite possibly my favorite Lenne shrine out there, yes, even more so than my own (sometimes). xD I concur with many of Janice's opinions too, particularly the comparison between FFX and its sequel. Highlights: Aside from the fascinating reads, the softly beautiful and sophisticated design is suitable for the persona it's representing.

SEN NO KOTOBA || Lenne Sen no Kotoba
One of my old affiliates from the very beginning, right when FFX-2 was released. It's a joy to see that 1000 Word's name twin of sorts is still online. Check out Stefi's shrine for more Lenne goodness. Highlights: Downloadable MP3 files and icons in the media section.

WILL || Yuna Will
Yuna shrines used to dominate the FFX web community. Though many have vanished, Yuna fans can take refuge in the fact that there's this utterly beautiful shrine standing as the one of the best Yuna fansites on the internet. Highlights: Chrissy's analysis of Yuna's disguised melancholy, damsel in distress stereotype, and a strong defense of FFX-2. And the cute button!

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