The Basics

Name: Lenne
Age: 19
Birthday: Unknown
Class: Summoner/Songstress
Hair: Brown, with some highlights
Eyes: Brown
Affiliation: Zanarkand
Significant Other: Shuyin
Voice Actress (JP): Koda Kumi
Voice Actress (EN): Cree Summer

Along with the new battle system, costume and music of the official sequel of Final Fantasy X-2, we also had new characters. Lenne was amongst them and is by far, one of the most important non-playable characters in the game.

Though she doesn't make an appearance until later on, she does make her presence known. At first, Lenne's words and emotions are conveyed through Yuna. The player sees Yuna transform into a long-haired songstress, and in a hazy second, revert back to Yuna, leaving us to wonder who was really there. Then, a man who is the splitting image of Tidus calls Yuna by another name. Only Maechan, who has "lived" as an unsent for thousands of year is able to fill in his gaps.

So who is Lenne? She is a summoner and singer who lived in Zanarkand a thousand years ago, during the Zanarkand-Bevelle wars. She was an important figurehead and the people of Zanarkand looked up to her.

During the time, Lenne also had a lover named Shuyin. Together they paralleled Tidus and Yuna. Lenne being both a summoner and singer was high in stature amongst her people, as was Shuin, who was a star blitzball player. The two were very much in love, but unfortunately, the times were against them as the Zanarkand-Bevelle war took a turn for the worse.

It was soon discovered that Bevelle was in the midst of constructing a secret weapon called the Vegnagun. Shuyin, in a desperate attempt to save Lenne, went to Bevelle and infiltrated the place where the Vegnagun was being held. There he nearly activated the machine until Lenne appeared and stopped him. The two were caught by the Bevelle guards and were executed.

Victims to the whims of their governments, the despaired and regretful ghosts of Shuyin and Lenne cling to Spira for one thousand years... until becoming involved another war, a war that Yuna will try to prevent.